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Journal of Pediatric Science publishes articles regarding all disorders/diseases in neonates, children and adolescents. Articles are published free of charge (No submission and article processing fee etc). Open access and peer-review journal. Rapid publication, instantly update and online submission. Universal impact factor: 1.0084. Each published article in Journal of Pediatric Science is assigned a DOI®number, which appears beneath the 'How to cite this article' in the published paper. 

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1- Pediatric Neurology: Treatment of severe epileptic syndromes (Editor: Alberto VERROTTI, Italy)

2- Pediatric Oncology: Progress in pediatric oncology (Editor: Jan STYCZYNSKI, Poland)

3- Vaccine: Controversies and challenges in pediatric vaccination today (Editor: Vipin M VASHISHTHA, India)

4- Metabolic Diseases: Current opinion in pediatric metabolic disease (Editor: Ertan MAYATEPEK, Germany)

5- Gastroenterology in Pediatrics : Current knowledge about some common disorders (Editor: Makbule EREN, Turkey)


Vol 8 (2016): Journal of Pediatric Sciences

Table of Contents

Case Reports

Buccal Cellulitis in 3 Infants E252
Martin W Stallings
Subclinical left ventricle dysfunction revealed by echocardiography in a neonate with a neck hemangioma E255
Maria Gogou, Anastasia Keivanidou, Andreas Giannopoulos
A Rare Case of Conjoined Twin: Deradelphus with Review of Existing Literature E256
Mithun Chandra Konar, Kriti Sundar Rana, Kanai Lal Barik
Scurvy – Still an added co-morbidity in Children with Cerebral Palsy E257
Mithun Chandra Konar, Kriti Sundar Rana, Manoj Maiti, Kanai Lal Barik
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for the Diagnosis of Unusual Case of Cystecercal Meningoencephalitis E258
Anita Kumari, Gaurav Mukhija, Ajeet Pratap Singh
Rupture of sinus of valsalva aneurysm: earliest presentation in association with ventricular septal defect and aortic regurgitation E259
Binoy Shankar, Sanjay Kumar, Dinesh Kumar

Commentary Letter

Spontaneous rupture of congenital hydrocephalous: a rare complication E253
Anuj Dhyani, Suresh Goyal

Images in Pediatric Sciences

Hallervorden spatz syndrome: a case report E250
Poonam Mehta, Anjali Singh, Geeta Gathwala, Seema Rohilla
Megalencephalic leukoencephalopathy with temporal cysts E251
Nabanita Kora, Kaustav Nayek
Inverse Marcus Gunn phenomenon E254
Alexandra Fernandes, Mariana Abreu, Sofia Fernandes, Inês Maio, Fátima Pinto

ISSN: 1309-1247