Scurvy – Still an added co-morbidity in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Mithun Chandra Konar, Kriti Sundar Rana, Manoj Maiti, Kanai Lal Barik
5.829 1.165


Scurvy is caused by prolonged severe dietary deficiency of ascorbic acid. Although it is uncommon today, it still exists in high risk groups, particularly in those with abnormal dietary habits, mental illness or physical disability. Health care providers must inquire about nutritional habits and keep in mind the risk of nutritional deficiency while treating a child with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Otherwise there is every possibility to miss the diagnosis of scurvy. Here we have described a case of scurvy in a child with cerebral palsy who presented with the clinical manifestations along with all the classical radiological features of scurvy.  



Scurvy, ascorbic acid, cerebral palsy

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