Subclinical left ventricle dysfunction revealed by echocardiography in a neonate with a neck hemangioma

Maria Gogou, Anastasia Keivanidou, Andreas Giannopoulos
5.433 904


Infantile hemangiomas consist a  frequent childhood tumor and have been associated with hemodynamic complications. A 2-week-old female neonate presented to our clinic due to a large neck  hemangioma. Although the neonate was hemo-dynamically stable and no apparent clinical signs of heart failure were present, echocardiography revealed dysfunction of the left ventricle, which included dilatation and reduced ejection fraction. Heart failure therapy along with propranolol for the treatment of the hemangioma were initiated. The hemangioma showed progressive regression and heart function gradually improved. Clinicians should be aware of all possible cardiovascular complications of infantile hemangiomas and the need for thorough cardiac evaluation, including echocardiography, of infants with giant hemangiomas may be considered.


hemangioma; heart dysfunction; heart failure; neonate

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