Gastrointestinal trichobezoar causing atypical intussusception in a child: report of two cases

Rachida Laamiri, Nahla Kechiche, Walid Mnari, Habib Besbes, Samia Belhassen, Sana Mosbahi, Amine Ksia, Lassaad Sahnoun, Mongi Mekki, Mohsen Belghith, Abdellatif Nouri
4.999 1.005


Two cases of trichobezoar were reported in two girls aged 12 and 13 who developed intestinal intussusceptions secondary to incarceration of a trichobezoar in the intestinal lumen (gastroduodenal and ileal trichobezoars). The diagnosis was confirmed by sonography and tomodensitometry. Both patients underwent surgical extraction of the trichobezoar and intussusceptions reduction. The evolution was favorable in both cases. 


Trichobezoars, acute intussusception, surgical treatment

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