Hot water epilepsy: case report and literature review

Efterpi Pavlidou, Anastasia Gkampeta, Evangelia Dosiadi, Evangelos Pavlou
5.032 1.087


Hot water epilepsy is a rare type of seizures, which belongs to reflex epilepsies and occurs while bathing. It is geographically distributed, mainly to India and Turkey. The differences among countries are attributed to bathing habits and genetic susceptibilities. It can present as an episode of altered or loss of consciousness accompanied by staring gaze, pallor, unresponsiveness and postictal somnolence. Pathophysiology of this clinical entity is complex and unknown. It seems that a default of the thermoregulatory system exists and leads to the occurrence of seizures due to rapid rise of temperature. Blood brain barrier plays its unique role in the genesis of hot water epilepsy. Herein, we report a new caucasian case of a two years old child, that presented with impaired consciousness during bathing with hot water. We perform an extensive literature review and discuss the questions that arise regarding the pathophysiology, etiology and management of hot water epilepsy.


hot water epilepsy, bathing epilepsy, children, pathophysiology, management.

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