Tuberculous psoas abscess with Pott's disease in 5year old child presenting as lower abdominal and pelvic mass.

Vishal Sachchidanand Yadav, Vikas Sachchidanand Yadac
3.728 914


Psoas abscess in the pediatric population is a rare clinical entity with various etiologies and non-specific clinical presentation, frequently resulting in delayed diagnosis, increased morbidity and prolonged hospitalization. We report a case of a primary psoas abscess with Pott's disease due to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis infection in an immunocompetent 5yr old female child that presented with left lower abdominal pain and a soft tissue mass over the left iliac fossa (LIF) and inguinal regions.


Lump in abdomen psoas abscess Tuberculous Percutaneous drainage

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