Clostridium difficile bacteremia and meningitis as a complication of prolonged cephalosporin therapy in a case of staphylococcal pyogenic arthritis.

Abhrajit Ganguly, Saibal Das, Jayanta Kumar Dey, Somnath Mondal
4.529 756


The incidence of Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea and pseudomembranous colitis is increasing in the recent years. With increasing incidence, several extra-intestinal manifestations of the organism has been unmasked which include bacteremia, brain abscess, pericarditis etc. We report a rare and interesting case of Clostridium difficile bacteremia and subsequent meningitis in a 10 year old child. The child was immune competent, which further raises the question about the virulent possibilities of the organism and its implications in the near future. The condition resulted from a prolonged treatment with I.V. cefotaxime for staphylococcal pyogenic arthritis. The child recovered from the septic arthritis but on the 7th day post-admission developed features of bacteremia. The child was later treated with I.V. metronidazole and I.V vancomycin and he was discharged on the 21st day post-admission. No recurrence of symptoms was noted.


Clostridium difficile, menigitis, bacteremia

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