Cervical chondrocutaenous branchial remnant: a case report

Gokhan Altin, Banu Atalay Erdogan, Mustafa Paksoy, Arif Sanli, Mehmet Eken, Dilek Yavuzer, Kayhan Basak
3.934 1.124


Cervical chondrocutaneous branchial remnants are rare lesions which are encountered at the lateral neck. The lesions always present at birth, and are located in the middle or lower third of the lateral neck with a significant prevalence of location anterior to the sternocleidomastoid muscle. The overlying skin is similar to the surrounding neck skin and the lesion is painless, lacking any inflammation or discharge. Simpe surgical excision is all that is required for treatment. We herein report a case of patient with unilateral condrocutaneous remnant.


Chondrocutaneous Branchial Remnant, Neck; Excision

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