Ovarian cysts and laparoscopy in children: Importance of late postoperative ultrasound examination in follow-up

Dilsad DEMET DERELI, Baran TOKAR, Nevbahar AKCAR-DEGIRMENCI, Sabiha SAHIN, Surhan M. ARDA, Huseyin ILHAN
3.393 796


Objective: The ultrasonography (USG) as a non-invasive method plays very important role in diagnosis and treatment of childhood ovarian
cysts. In this prospective study, results of early and late postoperative USG follow-ups were evaluated in patients who had laparoscopic
cystectomy for ovarian cyst.
Method: Forty patients having laparoscopy (45 operation) due to ovarian cysts were included into the study for a 5-year period. Preoperative
clinical and USG findings and operation videos recorded during laparoscopic intervention were reviewed. The patients were invited to USG
controls at postoperative 1, 3, 9-month, and 1-year and thereafter.
Results: The age range of patients was from 13 days to 18 years old. Postoperative USG controls showed that reoccurred cysts on the operated
side were small and there was no indication for reoperation, but a second intervention was needed for the contralateral ovary in 5 patients. All
these re-operated cases were determined in the late (a‰¥1 year) USG control.
Conclusion: Laparoscopy is an effective treatment method for ovarian cysts. The reoperation may be needed depending on physical
examination and USG findings. There is a risk of symptomatic and large cyst occurrence on the contralateral side. A long term postoperative
USG follow up helps to determine these cysts.


Child; ovarian cyst; laparoscopy; ultrasound

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