a€œForme Fruste Choledochal Cyst a€“ a single centre study with review of literaturea€

Vijai Datta Upadhyaya, Basant Kumar, Abhimanyu Kapoor, Sushila Jaiswal
3.575 833


Forme fruste choledochal cyst (FFCC) is a rare disease which needs high index of suspicion for diagnosis. We are presenting 3 cases of FFCC managed in our department in last 2 year. In one case FFCC was suspected on clinical evaluation and diagnosis was confirmed by magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography whereas in rest, diagnosis was made on clinical suspicion and confirmed by MRCP and peroperative cholangiogram. We are presenting series of three cases of FFCC, because it is a rare disease and need high index of suspicion for its diagnosis and once diagnosed it can be cured.


Choledochal cyst, pancreatitits, surgery

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