Role of friendly hospital initiaitve on knowledge and practices of nursing mothers

Anjum Hashmi, Jamil Ahmed Soomro, Zafar Iqbal, Tahira Kausar Soomro
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Introduction: Breastfeeding is a natural way of feeding to a new born baby. Breast Milk contains natural that a baby needs for first few months of life end it is quickly digested. WHO & UNICEF in 1992 launched a Baby Friendly Hospital initiative.
Objective: To evaluate the role of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative on feeding and weaning practices of nursing mothers.
Methodology: It is a cross section comparative study done from March 2008 to December 2008 at Civil Hospital Hyderabad a Baby Friendly Hospital and Govt Bhtai Hospital Latifabad a Non Baby Friendly Hospital. A sample size of 784 nursing mothers with children under two years attending Pediatric Department and Immunization Clinic is selected by Non Probability Convenience sampling technique. Four researchers recorded data and analysis done on SPSS 10.
Results: Feeding practices in BFHI group was better in some aspects of not giving pre-lacteal feeds (81% vs. 37%), longer duration exclusive breast feeding up to four months (79% vs. 27%), up to six months (31% vs. 8%), initiation of breast feeding within one hour of birth was better in non BFHI group (65% vs. 45%).
Conclusions: Baby Friendly Hospital initiative has a beneficial effect on feeding practices of mothers and duration of exclusive breastfeeding.


Key words: Breast feeding; Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative; Exclusive breast feeding; Pre-lacteal feed; Pakistan; Weaning.

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