Association between respiratory function and bone mineral density in pubertal and prepubertal healthy children

Ahmet Ozen, Hulya Ercan Saricoban, Mustafa Berber, Nagihan Sen, Sabihe Yesilyurt, Sevda Ozdogan, Reha Cengizlier
3.841 891


Aim: We aimed to evaluate whether the variation in bone mineral density (BMD) measures correlates with the respiratory function parameters and to determine the association between lung function tests and anthropometric indices in healthy pubertal and prepubertal children.
Methods: We recruited 73 school children. Primary school students were representing prepubertal children and high school students were representing pubertal children. Data collection included a questionnaire and measures of anthropometry, respiratory function and BMD. We investigated the associations between BMD with spirometric parameters and anthropometry with spirometric parameters controlling for pubertal status and other relevant variables.
Results: We studied 73 school children (36 prepubertal and 37 pubertal; mean age=12.47±4.26 years). Mean BMD z-score values were significantly different between FEV1 percent predicted quartiles which showed a tendency to increase with the trend in FEV1 percent predicted quartiles. In addition, there was a significant correlation between BMD SOS values and PEF percent predicted values. However, in models controlling for possible confounders, this association of BMD SOS with PEF percent predicted values vanished. When controlled for puberty, FVC percent predicted values were positively associated with BMI SDS (r=0.35, p=0,004) and MAC (r=0.29, p=0.018) and FEV1/FVC percent predicted values were negatively correlated with BMI SDS (r=-0.40, p=0.001) and MAC (r=-0.485, p<0.001). The FEV1/FVC percent predicted values were significantly lower in the overweight group than in non-overweight group.
Conclusion: Although the measures of BMD correlate with respiratory function parameters, this association is likely to arise from common influential factor or factors, rather than being a cause-effect relationship.


respiratory function, bone mineral density,healthy children

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