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Profile of Diabetes Mellitus at presentation in children under 12 years of age

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Incidence of diabetes in children is on the rise due to both Type 1 and Type2 Diabetes Mellitus(DM). This retrospective study was conducted among 432 children diagnosed to have DM at less than 12 years of age. The profile of diabetes at presentation was studied in all these children. Type 1 DM was encountered in 81% of children. Two children were Type 2 DM. Age and gender did not show any statistical difference. BMI was less than 85 th percentile in all but two children. 58.6% of children presented with Diabetic keto acidosis. 93 % of the children presented with osmotic symptoms. Incidental diagnosis of DM was encountered in 45%. Missed diagnosis was encountered in 60% of children with DKA. 12.5 % were found to have autoimmune thyroid antibodies. Hypercholesterolemia was encountered in 16% and hyperlipidemia in 19%. Mortality at initial diagnosis was 2.7%. Type 1 DM is the commonest type encountered in children under 12 years of age from a lower socioeconomic strata and nearly 60% present with DKA at onset. 60% children with DKA have their diagnosis missed at first physician contact.


Diabetes Mellitus, Children under 12 years, onset, clinical features

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