Iron store status in newborns born to anemic and non-anemic mothers

Sandhya V, Shruti Patil, ATK Rau
3.533 949


A cross sectional case controlled study done to evaluate the iron store status of newborns born to anemic mothers. A total of 30 newborns born to anemic mothers (Hb<10gm%) done in the last trimester comprised the study group and 30 newborns born to non-anemic mothers comprised the control group. All term newborns with a birth weight of more than 2500gms with no post natal complications were included. Babies born to mothers with any other cause of anemia other than iron deficiency were excluded from the study group. The cord blood at birth was assessed for hemoglobin, red cell indices and serum ferritin level. The mean hemoglobin and red cell indices values between the two groups were statistically not significant. However, the mean serum ferritin values between the two groups was significantly less in the study group (68.94 Vs 126.75, p=0.000) as compared to the control group. Iron stores were markedly reduced in newborns born to anemic mothers and hence may require early postnatal intervention.


Iron store, Serum ferritin, Anemia in pregnancy.

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