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Thyroid Dysfunction In Children & Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Abdulmoein AL-AGHA, Ali Harold OCHELTREE, Amr HAKEEM
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Background & Objectives: Patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) are at risk of thyroid disease (TD). The Incidence of TD among diabetic patients is higher than that of the general population. Our objective is to review the prevalence of TD among children & adolescents with T1DM.
Methodology: A retrospective review was conducted on children & adolescents with T1DM aged 1a€“18 years (n=398, 226 females, 172 males, 190 pre-adolescents & 208 adolescents) attending the pediatric endocrine clinic at king Abdul-Aziz University Hospital from 2006-2010. A comprehensive review of patient serum analysis was done. The mean & standard deviation (SD) for patient age were 12.05 & +/- 4.03 years.
Results: Of the study population 63 patients (15.83%) had hypothyroidism, [F = 40 & M = 23], 5 patients had primary hypothyroidism & 58 had subclinical hypothyroidism. The mean & SD for age in patients with hypothyroidism were 11.6 & +/- 4.01 years, while, for children with euthyroid they were 12.14 & +/- 4.02, P = 0.325 (NS). The mean & SD for TSH levels in children with euthyroid were 2.38 & +/- 1.1 µIU/L, while, for patients with hypothyroidism they were 11.52 & +/- 13.9 µIU/L, P = < 0.0001 (HS). As was expected, there was a weak negative correlation between TSH & HbA1c.
Conclusions: Hypothyroidism is prevalent among children & adolescents with T1DM. It has a higher incidence among females then males. We recommend the promotion of annul routine screening programs for hypothyroidism among children & adolescents with T1DM.


Hypothyroidism, Type 1 Diabetes mellitus, Children, Thyroid stimulating hormone.

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