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Lipid Profile & Apolipoproteins in Neonates in relation to Birth Weight and Gestational Maturity

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Background: Cardiovascular disease is a common cause of death in developed countries and also is a rising trend in developing countries.The objective of this study was to study lipid profile& apolipoproteins in neonates in relation to birth weight and gestational maturity. Methods: A total of 150 neonates were selected which were grouped on the basis of gestational age and birth weight.Umbilical venous blood was collected from them. Lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol, triglycerides), apolipoproteins (apo B and apo A-I) and atherogenic index were evaluated and compared. Results: Total cholesterol (TC) and LDL were significantly higher in preterm low birth weight ( LBW ) newborns as compared to term LBW neonates (P=0.05). VLDL and apolipoprotein B were increased highly significantly in preterm LBW newborns than in term LBW group( P=0.001) . TC/HDL and LDL/HDL were significantly increased in preterm LBW newborns than in term LBW group(P=0.05) and preterm NBW babies than term NBW group(P=0.05).Apo B/Apo A-I was highly significantly increased in preterm neonates in comparison to term group(0.71v/s 0.54, P=0.001). Gestational age and birth weight were inversely correlated with TC, LDL , VLDL, apolipoprotein B , TC/HDL, LDL/HDL and Apo B/Apo A-I. Conclusions: These findings demonstrate a trend towards worse lipid profile in preterm low birth weight newborns . There is a need to investigate if this atherogenic lipid profile is a marker for future cardiovascular diseases.


Key words: lipid profile, apolipoproteins, gestational age, newborn.

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