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Two children with non-iatrogenic traumatic isolated tracheal ruptures

Maruf SANLI, Ersin ARSLAN, Ahmet Feridun ISIK, Bulent TUNCOZGUR, Levent ELBEYLI
3.579 716


Aims: By presenting two cases of isolated tracheal rupture, we aimed to discuss the alternative management approaches in this pathology.
Case Report: We had two cases of tracheal rupture. One of the cases had a penetrating trauma caused by a dog bite and a blunt trauma by a bicycle accident was the reason of the tracheal rupture in our second case. We obtained a favorable result by choosing a surgical repair in our patient with a penetrating trauma. The second case was treated conservatively.
Conclusion: The cases with a tracheal rupture should be evaluated on an individual basis. The treatment options are surgery or a conservative approach depending on the patient's condition.


Trauma, tracheal rupture, child

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