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Pediatric Residents Knowledge of Evidence Based Medicine: A Pilot Study

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Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the baseline knowledge and skills of pediatric residents in Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).

Methods: participants were pediatric residents in postgraduate years (PGY) 1-4 in, a residency training program within a university setting. They were asked to complete the previously validated

Results: A total of 10 pediatric residents completed the test with a mean of (PGY 2.5) for the residency year. The scores achieved were highly variable with a mean of 46%. Results showed a decline in the mean score to 32% for questions related to critical appraisal of the evidence compared to the mean of 60% for conversion of information to an answerable question and tracking down the best evidence to answer the question.

Conclusion: residents showed some knowledge and expertise about formulating a clinical question and searching for evidence-based answers. However, they lack the skill of how to critically appraise the scientific literature and how to incorporate a new management strategy into clinical practice. A properly structured EBM educational prescription is necessary for trainees to improve their status as informed bedside clinicians


Fresno testto assess their knowledge in the four domains of EBM.


Evidence-Based Medicine, pediatrics

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